We offer the following services for both private and business

Private cleaning 

We offer standard washing at a competitive price.

Our standard package includes: 

- Mopping/Vacuuming and washing floors 

- Toilet, sink, shower / bath and mirror must be washed 

- Kitchen counter and faucet are washed 

- Kitchen cabinets and appliances are washed on the outside 

* Window washing 

* Washing of appliances on the inside 

* Linen change 

* Emptying garbage

 (*) For an additional amount!

Main cleaning

Main cleaning contains full washing of premises and all visible areas are clean and tidy.

We perform the following tasks:

- Vacuuming and washing floors

- Interior / exterior washing of windows 

- Wash / dry walls

- Washing the oven/stove

- Washing of appliances

- Vacuuming furniture and changing bed linen 

Office cleaning

We offer professional office cleaning in Oslo and Viken.

- We perform the following tasks: 

- Vacuuming and washing floors 

- Vacuuming and washing meeting rooms 

- Emptying garbage in the office and kitchen - Wash of desks, screen and keyboard

Stair cleaning 

We aim to offer quality and good service to commercial buildings an housing associations in Oslo and Viken.

We perform the following tasks:

- Cleaning and washing of floors/stairs

- Remove stains on walls

- Elevators are washed inside and out

- Shake mats and empty rubbish at front doors

Moving wash

Our standard package contains the following tasks:

- Interior / exterior washing of drawers and cabinets in kitchen and bathroom 

- Washing of Walls, moldings  and frames

- Washing of white goods (refrigerator, kitchen fan, oven/stove, dishwasher, etc.). 

- Interior / exterior washing of windows

Moving assistance

We help with all or part of the following tasks:

- Unpacking and disassembly

- Carry out physical relocation 

- Disposal of waste and other items

- Unpacking and assembly

Carpet and furniture cleaning

We perform professional carpet and furniture cleaning in Oslo and Viken. Get in touch for a free inspection.